Sexy Tranny Sandwich with Alice Rodigues and Myrella

From Tranny Sandwich

Starring Alice Rodrigues, Myrella Montinni, Van Dame

Tags Orgy, Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Cum on Stomach, Guys on Trannys, Hardcore

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Added June 11 2011

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Van Dame has smoking hot tranny action from top to bottom with TWO gorgeous shemales, Alice Rodrigues and Myrella Montini! The skinnier of the two, Alice strips off her cute lingerie and goes right after Van Dame's cock like a bonafide whore on a mission. The feel of Van Dame's rigid dick in Alice's mouth gives her a chubby - that's Myrella's cue to wrap her lips around it and start sucking! After getting his four star blowjob service, Van Dame now wants to take Alice's sweet bung to Pound Town! He readies her ass for anal invasion as she slurps on Myrella's fat lady weiner. Now's not the time to go to the fridge...things are about to go fucking crazy!

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