Two Slutty Tranny Assholes Get Ruined

From Tranny Sandwich

Starring Ana Paula Oliveira, Bruna Albuquerque, Capoeira

Tags Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Cum on Tits, Guys on Trannys, Tranny on Tranny

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Added October 03 2011

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Lucky Latino stud Capoeira is about to tackle two of the hottest Latin shemales ever! Ana and Bruna are both gorgeous and voluptuous brunette babes; both sluts have got incredible tits, and even bigger dicks! Their stud stands above them as they crouch at his knees like the submissive ladyboy fuck sluts that they are, simultaneously working their mouths up and down his shaft. Then the stud pounds them both in their rear ends with a seemingly limitless amount of energy and a rock hard control over when he ejaculates. The girls also take turns drilling each other in the ass, with some intense three-way positions to be enjoyed as well.

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